Health at Work Welcomes You!

Health at Work is part of NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. We promote employee health by working in partnership with organisations to: develop health policies, raise awareness of health issues, plan health promotion programmes. We support the Healthy Working Lives Award Programme. 

Workplace health looks at 3 inter-related components:

Individual Employees are an organisation’s key resource - staff health & well being should be promoted at all times.
The Working Environment must be safe & healthy. Employees’ health & welfare must be protected, through risk assessments & workplace policies. For more information visit Healthy Working Lives

The Organisational Structure can have a significant effect on morale & on how employees feel about their work. Management style, communication systems, training opportunities & staff development all shape an organisation & therefore its employees.
All 3 of these factors interact in a workplace and make it the organisation that it is. Whether Private or Public, A health at work programme must target all 3 of these components.

An employee will work better & more productively in a safe & healthy working environment, and in an organisation where they are valued. The Scotland's Health at Work programme can provide a framework for workplace health promotion activity.


To address each health issue, a programme of health promotion should be developed which covers a range of activities and initiatives. These could include:

Info campaigns
activities & events
Needs Assessment
Policies: tobacco, alcohol & drugs, healthy eating, physical activity, breastfeeding, oral health, mental health & wellbeing
Staff Seminars
Health Promotion Strategy
This is a long term plan detailing how to promote health in the organisation.A strategy:

maintains momentum and focus, and keeps health on the agenda throughout any organisational change etc.
ensures a co-ordinated approach over time and maximises use of resources.
includes a one year action plan for health at work. is a website dedicated to improving the Nation's health whilst in the work place run by Occupational health professionals based in the UK.

    Occupational health professionals aim to find out what the impact of your work is on your own health.


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