Health at Work Welcomes You!

Health at Work is part of NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. We promote employee health by working in partnership with organisations to: develop health policies, raise awareness of health issues, plan health promotion programmes. We support the Healthy Working Lives Award Programme. 

Workplace health looks at 3 inter-related components:

Individual Employees are an organisation’s key resource - staff health & well being should be promoted at all times.
The Working Environment must be safe & healthy. Employees’ health & welfare must be protected, through risk assessments & workplace policies. For more information visit Healthy Working Lives

The Organisational Structure can have a significant effect on morale & on how employees feel about their work. Management style, communication systems, training opportunities & staff development all shape an organisation & therefore its employees.
All 3 of these factors interact in a workplace and make it the organisation that it is. Whether Private or Public, A health at work programme must target all 3 of these components.

An employee will work better & more productively in a safe & healthy working environment, and in an organisation where they are valued. The Scotland's Health at Work programme can provide a framework for workplace health promotion activity.


To address each health issue, a programme of health promotion should be developed which covers a range of activities and initiatives. These could include:

Info campaigns
activities & events
Needs Assessment
Policies: tobacco, alcohol & drugs, healthy eating, physical activity, breastfeeding, oral health, mental health & wellbeing
Staff Seminars
Health Promotion Strategy
This is a long term plan detailing how to promote health in the organisation.A strategy:

maintains momentum and focus, and keeps health on the agenda throughout any organisational change etc.
ensures a co-ordinated approach over time and maximises use of resources.
includes a one year action plan for health at work.



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